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I have a purpose for being on this earth. I have higher standards to uphold that include everything that is good, pure, noble, honest, and true.  I have plans to help make a difference in the world. Therefore, my life all starts with me! I am somebody.
  • I will use my time wisely every day.
  • I will learn something new every day!
  • I will work hard toward being successful every day.
  • I will respect myself and others at all time.
  • I will have no other Gods before Thee.
  • I will not use the name of the Lord (my God) in vain.
  • I will remember the Sabbath day.
  • I will honor my father and my mother.
  • I will not kill.
  • I will not steal.
  • I will not bear false witness against my neighbors.
  • I will not covet anything that is my neighbors.
graduate of t.e.a. christian academy
christian k-12 academy
business leader speaks to future business leaders
private education
pep talk from student at t.e.a. christian academy, inc.